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I started 2014 with only a few months into a new business. Blush Style Studio, my dream, a hair salon of my very own. I’ve thought about it for the longest time…and finally a reality! What came unexpected was a little side income presented to me by my friend Sarah. The opportunity to partner with the Doctor’s who created Proactiv and help them launch their new brand of anti- aging skin care, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. Honestly, when she approached me I wasn’t into it…I mean I just opened a salon, I had NO extra money or time and I resisted. Sarah was so strait with me and said- you just need to do it, if you don’t have extra money that’s exactly why you should do it- She trained me, and helped me fit it into my schedule. I know people probably think well…it’s skin care it will be easy for her to sell at a salon. But the truth is I already had clients who were interested in hair care. How do I bring up starting on skin care without seeming too “pushy”? I’m a TERRIBLE sales person, and I hate talking people into stuff. But honestly, I found that I loved my own personal results from the products that I naturally showed my enthusiasm about the line when people said I have nice skin. It just kinda came naturally. It felt more like I was sharing a little secret with them, rather than shoving products on them that were never going to work. After all these are my friends and family… It’s not like I’ll never see them again, So If I’m going to endorse something, I want it to be amazing and actually help them. That is what impressed me most about the brand. Products that are clinically proven to be safe and effective and offer a 60 day money back guarantee!



For months I’ve watched people in this business earn promotion, after promotion, iPads and now two people on our team earn a Lexus! I’m so inspired by this group of amazing women. I’m in business for myself but not by myself. I started this part of my company with minimal investment. There was even a 60 day money back guarantee on the business kit! Now that’s really no risk… Why not try it right?? So I jumped on board, and I finally realized, my lifestyle is a choice. People aren’t just lucky…they choose everything that happens to them. We had a training call one night…Keep in mind my friend, Sarah, who got me started, she has had an amazing amount of success so far, and fast…everyone wants to know “what’s her secret” She said she chooses to be that way…to be motivational, to be optimistic, to be coach-able, to be inspiring, to be better, to provide for her family.

you can

Think about it!

Everything in your life comes along because your subconscious mind believes things and will make it happen. Everything that I have accomplished so far has been because I dreamed about it, and then did small little tasks everyday to get a little closer to my goal. It seems simple…but it’s pretty hard if you let your excuses get in the way. So my advice…. CHOOSE to be happy, CHOOSE to be better, CHOOSE to work hard, CHOOSE to move forward, CHOOSE financial freedom. It’s not going to fall into your lap, you have to take the opportunity and run with it. No one said it was quick and easy, but it’s out there, it’s real, don’t let everyone pass you by while you watch and “say she’s so lucky”, or “they have money” or “must be nice”…You can have whatever you want, you just have to stay positive and believe it. You don’t have to know how it will happen…just believe that it will.

make it happen


Everyone has a reason why they want more for themselves. You just have to think about what your why is? And write it down. It will never happen unless you make it visual, you can touch it and see it everyday. Cut out pictures, write goals on paper, make a dream board… put it in plain sight. It will keep it at the top of your priority list and keep you motivated to make small strides everyday. My goal is to build residual income so my family can enjoy life and never have to worry about money. Do I want to spoil my son? YES Do I want him to be a spoiled brat? NO…lol I want to be able to provide him with the tools he needs to have whatever success he wants to achieve in life. I don’t want anything to hold him back. I also want the time to spend with him while he is little, because he’s only getting older… I know Sarah too- she started R+F on maternity leave, made a plan, reached her goal and when she was supposed to go back to teaching, she didn’t have to. She CHOSE to work from home, build a business, and have all the time with her girls. So don’t stalk her on FB and think…”she’s so lucky, I wish I could stay home with my kids, It must be nice, I wonder what her husband does?” She made a simple choice, to work hard, be happy, be optimistic, not care what anyone thinks, go for it, start a business she had no experience in, and do it AND be one of the best at it! I’m following her lead…Join us ? or Watch us? The choice is yours…


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