Do you Contour?

Do you ever look at people and think their skin is glowing! or I could never do my makeup like that?  It’s all in the contouring…You don’t have to be a pro- just learn a few easy tips!

Here are a few easy steps to take to Contour your Makeup

How to contour your makeup and highlight

How to contour your makeup and highlight


~Whether you use powder, liquid or cream foundation, take a darker shade and put it around the edges of your face and just below your cheek bones.

~Use a Lighter color to highlight your face.  You should always be lighter in the middle of your forehead, under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, right above your lip and a small dot on your chin.

~Highlighting and Contouring will break the flat makeup look and make your skin seem more alive and luminous.  Even when you wear a lot of makeup it just looks more natural.  Just make sure to BLEND BLEND BLEND- check your makeup in the mirror from side to side and under your jawline…

Light in the Middle, Dark around the Edges

Light in the Middle, Dark around the Edges


*Remember- Eye brows can make or break your look!  Brows should start inline with the inside corner of your eye and end from a diagonal line from your nose to the outside corner of your eye.  IF your brows are not long enough or seem thin, fill in with a brow set and powder.  This alone will dramatically change your look- I don’t leave the house without filling in my brows!





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*Remember- Makeup is like art- Everyone interprets it differently and you can play around with different looks to showcase your own style and personality.  Don’t be scared to play! It washes off! That’s the best part… Hopefully these quick basic tips help.  Try it tomorrow…People will notice you look great, but they won’t be able to put their finger on what’s different 🙂