Wake up and lose the messy bun!

 Ok, I have a little secret…I do hair for a living and although I love styling hair and making other people feel beautiful, sometimes I’m less than excited to get myself ready in the morning.  Crazy right?  I know, but when that alarm goes off in the morning, I hit snooze three times, let the pups out, chase my wild 3 year old around to get him dressed, fed, and off to school and oh yeah I have to make myself look more than somewhat presentable because people are looking to me for beauty advice.  After all, most of my clients come from word of mouth or people simply complimenting my hair or makeup.  So yeah, even though I LOVE throwing my hair up on top of my head in that messy bun that’s adorable for a kid middle school…it’s not totally appropriate for a mom, wife, adult business owner.  Image is everything.  People take you more serious at your job if you look clean and put together.  I need simple, easy styles that look effortless yet amazing and oh yeah they need to be QUICK!  Here is one of my favorite side updos that is easy to do and versatile enough to wear casual to a kids game or elegant enough to wear to a wedding.

Follow steps 1~4 to achieve the look: Click to watch the video~ how to do a side updo

1. brush hair to one side, i normally put it on the side with more hair

2. braid a 3 strand braid tight then pull braid with fingers to loosen the braid ~ it’s ok to have stray hairs…they add texture!

3. wrap braid around in a circle creating a bun, pin bobby pins around the edges of the bun with a few in the middle

4. smooth hair on top and sides or pull hair at the crown of your head to add volume…follow up with your fav. hairspray

braided bun

how to do a side updo

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